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The kitchen might be the proverbial ‘heart of the home’, but the bathroom is also becoming increasing important as a key lifestyle feature in today’s home.  More and more, we want our bathrooms to be private retreats where we can be refreshed and inspired – and we also want the space reflect who we are. 

The bathroom vanity is often the focal point of the bathroom and, as such, is the key to setting the tone of the entire room.

As it is true in the kitchen, a primarily neutral colour palette works well to create a soothing, intimate environment in the bathroom.  However, darker vanities for bathrooms can be used to create unexpected compositions. Also, playing with the arrangement and accents of the bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinets (floating or on the floor for example) can help create an interesting play of elements in your bathroom.

For bathroom vanity ideas to inspire you, take a look through our gallery of bathroom vanity ideas.  We include examples of vanities for bathrooms ranging in style from the minimalist, modern bathroom vanity to the more traditional bathroom vanity design.

If you’d like some expert advice on how to make a style statement with the vanity for your bathroom, simply give us a call on 09 298 8388 or pop into our showroom at 64 Hunua Road in Papakura to talk to one of our in-house designers about the bathroom vanity that’s right for you.

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