Do you desire a kitchen that offers smart storage solutions? In this article our Auckland kitchen designer takes a look at how getting the detail right in your kitchen design ideas by using quality Blum kitchen storage solutions will deliver optimal, long-lasting functionality.

It has been said that in life, “the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”. And while a real estate agent will tell you it’s all about location, location, location, when it comes to successful kitchen design, it’s definitely all about details, details, details! In fact, while quality does count in many areas of life, if you’re installing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, getting the detail of your kitchen design ideas right is simply essential.

The Secret To Quality Kitchen Design Ideas Lies In The Detail

These days the kitchen is often the hub of the home and, in this role, is subject to intensive daily use. To make sure you get the highest quality kitchen that will stand the test of time, you need quality – and quality relies on detail. The best way to get the details right is to spend a bit more time when planning the kitchen design.

When it comes to detail, nothing beats Blum. Founded in 1952, Blum is renowned throughout the world for its production of functional and extremely high-quality lift mechanisms, hinges and drawer systems for furniture, particularly for kitchen furniture. Blum has an entire team dedicated full-time to getting the details right, by doing extensive research of customers’ kitchen habits and needs, and then developing their products and testing them intensively to ensure longevity.

As a long-standing designer, builder and installer of kitchens, we at Elite Kitchens and Cabinets are all about quality and getting the details right too. We’ve found that Blum’s kitchen cabinet hardware always stands the test of time, and work day in, day out. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Blum and use their high-quality products in our kitchen design ideas.

2 Key Details For Quality Kitchen Design Ideas

Irrespective of your individual cooking style or the size of your kitchen, there are two key kitchen design details that are guaranteed to deliver a truly practical and enjoyable kitchen, namely workflow and storage space. In this post we’re going to focus on storage space?

The Open And Shut Case For A Blum-Ing Great Kitchen Design Idea

Simple things like using drawers, including drawers inside kitchen base cabinets, will greatly improve access and give much better visibility of the contents. Blum drawer systems, such as Blum Metabox and Blum Tandembox, come in ‘shallow’ and ‘deep’ versions, and allow for maximum storage and easy organisation of kitchen items.

These drawer systems can also be fully extended without the risk of pulling out the drawer completely, which means you can use and access the entire drawer box – so no more kneeling down and stretching to get at stuff hiding at the back. These internal drawers are a great way to make full use of the entire kitchen base cabinet, by making it easy to reach everything inside. Check out this little video for more detail about Blum’s Metabox and Tandembox drawer storage systems.

Then there’s also the detail of soft close kitchen cabinetry. Blum drawers use smart mechanisms that enable effortless opening and closing. While this might sound like a luxury in your kitchen, they’re one of those little details in life that once you experience them, you’ll never want to go back.

After all, life’s noisy enough without disrupting the tranquillity of your home with the sound of banging drawers and rattling crockery, especially if you have an early riser or night owl in your home who needs to use the kitchen before you’re up or after you’ve retired for the night. No way do you want to be woken up by those sorts of sounds coming from your kitchen. And with more and more open plan living, there’s a need to reduce noise in our homes wherever possible.

Inspiring Auckland Kitchen Designs For Nearly 60 Years

If you would like to benefit from our quality partnership with Blum and our almost 60 years’ experience designing, building and installing kitchens throughout the greater Auckland region, simply give us a call on 09 298 8388 or pop into our Auckland kitchen showroom at 64 Hunua Road in Papakura. There you’ll be able to talk to one of our in-house kitchen designers about your kitchen design ideas and how to design a kitchen for you that will be the functional and enjoyable hub of your home for many years to come.