Our Kitchen Designers Share Their Top Kitchen Design Ideas On Innovative Space-Saving Methods For Kitchens

Are you looking for top kitchen design ideas that save space and look great? In this article our Auckland kitchen designer takes a look at just one of many innovative kitchen design ideas that will put an end forever to dead, unused spaces in corner kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen is not simply a collection of kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves. As the hard-working ‘heart of your home’, your kitchen design needs to be filled with kitchen ideas that ooze efficiency and innovation so as to enable you to get the most out of the space.

So, thinking about your kitchen design, wouldn’t you much rather prefer to be able to open your kitchen cabinets and easily see and access all your items? The last thing you’d want is having things getting lost at the back of your kitchen cabinets, right?

However, if you have a kitchen with corner units, then you probably know all about the agony of having to crawl into those dark corner recesses in search of that salad spinner or colander that you know is in there somewhere. Yes, without the benefit of good kitchen design, kitchen cabinet corners can often be awkward to access or simply wasted space.

Kitchen Design Gold

One of the latest innovations from Häfele, a German manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality kitchen design ideas, tackles the problem of dead corner spaces in kitchen cabinets in a way that will add value to your kitchen and help you make the best use of all available space.

Häfele’s Lemans II is one of the greatest kitchen design ideas for ensuring you get the maximum amount of available, accessible storage possible from those previously difficult corner spaces, ending forever the age-old kitchen design issue of wasted space, dead corners, and hard-to-access contents.

In small space kitchen designs, the Lemans II takes on even greater significance for ensuring you get every possible space advantage from your small kitchen design.

Top Kitchen Design Ideas Capture The Pole Position For Efficiency And Convenience

Shaped almost like a peanut, the shelves of the Lemans II ease around corners to bring their entire breadth out of the corner kitchen cabinet and into full view. Not only is Lemans II an inspirational kitchen design idea, it is also a modern accessory that looks like a designer piece each and every time you open it. The shelves also have a non-slip surface which means you can store virtually anything on them without them moving or sliding around during opening and closing.

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The world of kitchen design is an exciting and ever-changing one. So, unless you live and breathe kitchen designs on a daily basis it’s unlikely you’ll know about all the innovative kitchen design ideas available. But that’s not a problem because this is precisely why we are here for you.

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