Kitchen Design with Elite Kitchens.

Read anything about kitchen design and the phrase you will see the most is “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. It may sound cliché, but it has become more true than ever.

The kitchens in our homes are out of the way rooms to prepare meals as in days of old. They now function as central hubs where families & friends gather to eat, socialise, relax, do homework – as entertaining areas and often space that promotes indoor-outdoor flow. Great kitchen design will ensure your kitchen lives up to the requirements of your lifestyle, is aesthetically pleasing and has smooth functionality that makes it a joy to use.

Why Is Kitchen Design So Important?

When the time comes for you to design your kitchen will have some ideas. You may even have done some research on kitchen layouts that promise efficient workflow and have an idea of what overall look appeals to you. This is a great starting point but let our Elite Kitchen design team bring you up to date on all the innovative kitchen design ideas now available during our free kitchen design consultation.

Getting all the required elements such as layout, storage, and the best location of appliances at the kitchen design stage is critical. Great kitchen design results in a beautiful, liveable, uncluttered space, that feels spacious and provides all the functionality you require.

Kitchen Design by Elite Kitchens.  Why Choose Elite Kitchens And Cabinets For This Very Important Process?

This is where we at Elite Kitchens and Cabinets can make all the difference. We are not simply a kitchen design company. We do everything from the initial concept stage through to the final installation.

We are manufacturers of bespoke kitchen cabinets to fit your property so we do not offer you just any generic off the shelf solution. Every kitchen we design and install is custom built to suit your requirements, available space, personality and budget and using only the best of materials and hardware available.

We have been in the business for more than 60 years, so we have the experience required to enable you to achieve the two most critical kitchen design details – namely workflow and storage space. We can show you accessible storage possibilities for those difficult corner spaces that eliminate wasted space and hard-to-access areas. We also keep abreast of constantly changing materials and technologies that come onto the market.

If you are looking for a cheap standard kitchen to only last a year or so before the panels blow out and it falls part, it’s best you speak to one of the other guys.

If you are designing a brand-new kitchen or renovating an old one that has reached the end of its useful life, you best be speaking to us. Come and work with one of our kitchen design specialists. As part of our free consultation, we can show you great kitchen ideas from traditional to modern kitchens. We can introduce you to the latest in smart storage solutions and our showroom has several fully equipped display kitchens that you can experience.

We always have season specials to save you money on a high quality long lasting kitchen.

How To Get Started On Your Kitchen Design Journey

Book your free consultation now, online or by phone (09 298 8388) then come down to 64 Hunua Rd, Papakura. You will understand why so many leading home builders, architects, kitchen designers, and professional renovators have selected Elite Kitchens and Cabinets as their kitchen supplier of choice in Auckland.