Small Kitchen Design
Do you have a small kitchen?

Would you like to make the best use of your limited kitchen space? In this article our Auckland kitchen designer takes a look at how space is no constraint for high-end, quality living, even in the kitchen.

Living space is shrinking – that is a worldwide trend that we’re also very familiar with in our own society. However, smaller does not necessary mean reduced quality of life. But what about the small kitchen? Often the hub of the family home, the kitchen is a place to cook, eat, do homework, gather and share in special moments together. However, creating a kitchen that can still serves as the multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing heart of the home where space is limited, simply requires smart small kitchen design.

Good things do come in small packages

To answer the question: “How can one live comfortably in a confined space?”, and to show how much comfort and variety one can get out of a small space, including a small kitchen, by using the right solutions, Häfele, a name that is synonymous with innovation, quality and engineering, conceived the “Functionality Cube”.

Under the mantra of “one room, countless configurations”, Häfele’s Functionality Cube combines all living areas with elegance and functionality in a space just 39m2 in size. In the Cube, every corner converts and evolves as per the need of the hour. The kitchen, of course, is of particular interest to us. It’s perfectly accessible when needed, opening to reveal a stunning pantry. The advanced work area features a moveable countertop that reveals the hob and more, while still remaining fully operational. There’s even a hidden dining table that pulls out to accommodate up to five guests.

What Häfele’s one-of-a-kind living concept shows is that living and functioning well in a smaller home, including in a small kitchen, is perfectly achievable through inventive solutions and the use of innovative high-quality kitchen fittings, hardware and systems, like those developed by Häfele.

How to live large in a small kitchen?

Every inch counts in order to make a small kitchen into a super-efficient place to gather, without sacrificing style or functionality. Each component must be perfectly planned, from the layout to the appliances, and all must work cohesively to overcome the limitations of the confined space. Because the requirements are so much more exact, greater care and thought needs to be put into a small kitchen design. For example, to enable your small kitchen to live larger than its footprint you could:

  • Do drawers not doors – simply switching cupboards for drawers where possible is one way to gain maximum usability of the available area, as drawers provide far easier access to items. In areas where cupboards are still required, make sure you incorporate smart storage ideas, such as Häfele’s iMove overhead shelf pull-down or Häfele’s Lemans II corner system, respectively, in order to maximise access in overhead kitchen cabinets and eliminate dead corners in kitchen cabinetry.
  • Go handless – door hardware on kitchen cabinets and drawers might seem like an inconsequential space-saver, but the visual effect of streamlined cabinetry does wonders for making a small space feel much larger.

These are just two small kitchen design ideas that, when combined with careful attention to build quality, can create an individual, inspiring and functional kitchen that, no matter how small, will enable you to get the utmost from your unique lifestyle.

Inspiring Auckland’s small kitchen designs for nearly 60 years

For almost 60 years, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing kitchens throughout Auckland that combine the latest styles with the best quality in kitchen hardware. That’s why we’re proud of the fact that Häfele has hand-picked Elite Kitchens and Cabinets as one of their “Studio Partners” here in New Zealand, enabling us to incorporate Häfele’s high-quality kitchen hardware in our kitchens.

If you would like to benefit from our kitchen design, build and install experience, and our quality partnerships, simply give us a call on 09 298 8388 or pop into our Auckland kitchen showroom at 64 Hunua Road in Papakura and talk to one of our in-house kitchen designers about designing a kitchen for you that will enable you to get the most out of your living space.