Are you looking for inspiring modern kitchen designs, or are you doing a modern kitchen renovation? Do you want to create a modern kitchen design that satisfies all the requirements of your modern lifestyle? In this article, Auckland kitchen design company Elite Kitchens showcases one of their recently installed modern kitchens and highlights features of its modern kitchen designs that deliver to its owners brief for a functional space for modern living.

Are you in the process of building a new home and need to create a kitchen for it? Or are you about to take a tired, out-of-date kitchen and make it over into a space that’s fit for today’s way of life? Smart, modern kitchen design and building with quality materials is the key to creating a successful, functional space that will stand the test of time.

Another successful modern kitchen design delivered and installed

Clients Becks and Giovanni recently took delivery of a kitchen designed, manufactured and installed by the team at Auckland kitchen design company Elite Kitchens and Cabinets, and are over the moon with the result, saying, “it really is a dream kitchen for us”.

While everyone has their style preferences, smart kitchen design and good craftsmanship are key to creating a modern kitchen (or doing a modern kitchen renovation) that will become the heart of the home and a hub for entertaining family and friends for many years to come.

Auckland Modern Kitchen Designs

How modern kitchen designs create a space for living

Modern kitchen designs set kitchens free from the confines of four walls and have transformed them from rooms that simply exist for the purpose of cooking food into something much more central to our modern lifestyles.

Even their positioning is changing, with more and more kitchens being located right in the middle of a home’s living spaces, enabling them to become the central point for eating, entertaining, doing homework and relaxing – and as a space that promotes that all-important indoor-outdoor flow.

Some modern kitchen design elements from one of our latest kitchen designs

  • Sleek, simple and uncluttered: The design of modern kitchens is all about creating a sleek, simple and uncluttered livable space that looks and feels spacious while providing all the functionality required – like the kitchen we designed and installed for Becks and Giovanni.
  • Smart storage solutions: A kitchen design that incorporates smart storage solutions will ensure the kitchen functions as it should.
  • Texture and colour: To create interest and increase the visual and tactile appeal of the modern, more minimalistic kitchen, simply add texture and colour. For example, note the texture provided by the shapes of the backsplash tiles and by the grain in the wooden flooring in Becks and Giovanni’s new modern kitchen. Also, the strikingly moody shade of colour applied to the sides and front of the island bench. These texture and colour features work together to take the minimalist look of their modern kitchen to the next level.
  • Organic accents: The organic flourish provided by the warm wood accents in the upper kitchen cabinetry in Becks and Giovanni’s modern kitchen are an elegant foil to the clean and crisp tones of the lower cabinets and work surfaces, and help tie in the cabinets with the flooring too.
  • Island bench: An oversized kitchen island benchtop not only gives you plenty of work and storage space but can also be used in place of the family dining table for relaxed dinners or for social gatherings.

More modern kitchen design ideas

If you’re after a new kitchen or doing a modern kitchen renovation, check out our modern kitchen gallery and note down some of your favourite ideas. Then give us a call on (09) 298 8388 to book your modern kitchen design consultation with one of our in-house designers and benefit from their extensive knowledge of modern kitchen ideas as they work with you to start the process of designing the modern kitchen of your dreams. Alternatively, pop into our showroom at 64 Hunua Road in Auckland’s Papakura and see our show kitchens for yourself.